New Blog

Hello faithful followers. I have started a new blog. It's more focused, will have more goodies and is more simple. As I figure out this journey of marriage, being a wife, a mom, following Christ, simplifying my life, building a business, growing and learning about myself and this world, I will share with you the process, the things I learn and and wisdom bestowed upon me over at my new blog www.MomsSimplePath.blogspot.com. Please follow me there. To see the topics I will focus on read through my profile. I will continue to share more personal family info at our family blog www.thehickmanadventure.blogspot.com.
See ya on the other side!!!!

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Cloth Diapers

If you follow my family blog you will have already seen this post there. But HERE is the link to my post on Cloth Diapering.....Enjoy!!!!



I can't decide what to post where. Sometimes I post couponing stuff here, sometimes on my family blog. Perhaps I should just do one blog?! Or maybe I will do all my stuff here and just put family pictures and stories on the family blog.

So if you want to see my great couponing finds this past week go here. But I'll try to get them on this blog from now on.

Soon I will be posting about my experience with cloth diapers, simplifying my life and more.....
Any topics you would like to hear about?


Sleep anyone?

I went to bed at 10pm. Got up at 8:30am. (of course there were a few night feedings and diaper changing) But I had to STILL drag myself out of bed. I will admit - I do LOVE sleep but this is getting a little ridiculous. I want to get up early, do yoga and my personal quite time with the Lord before my boys wake up and the day is unending chaos. I can't seem to get myself to get OUT of bed in the morning. Am I depressed? Not getting enough sleep? Addicted to sleep? This all is resulting in huge frustration with myself. I know what I want but am struggling getting there.

I know people can relate. I know people have succeed in this area. My own husband is the most disciplined person I know! Why is it sooo hard for me?

What is your solution to this problem?


My Awesome Coupon Finds for the week

In this weeks P&G there was an awesome coupon for $2 off Pampers wipes. And at Walmart they are only $1.97. So you know what that means......FREE wipes!! WoooHooo! All I had to pay was tax which was $1.68.

This trip was from Safeway. I was planning on getting A LOT more free stuff to go with this order but it didn't work out. However, I couldn't walk away too upset when I got all of this for $4.56

Walgreen's had a glitch in their system. And it was ringing up the body was as buy one get one free. So I took advantage of it (the cashier helped me as it was my first attempt at couponing at Walgreen's ). I received all of the body wash for free plus $12 in rewards (in-store money). I also scored 11 toothbrushes for free. They were one sale for $.99 and I had $1 off coupons. The only thing I had to pay for was the tax of course which amounted to $1.41 - Sweet!

So overall I MADE MONEY this week :)

Walmart = $1.68

Safeway= $4.56

Walgreen's = $1.41

Total = $7.65 - $12 that I made at Walgreen's means

I made $4.35 this week shopping. Awesome!